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Shahbaz Taseer speaks of his ordeal in militants’ captivity

In an interview to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Taseer told that he was abducted by Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and his abductors flogged him in the beginning.

“They slashed my body with blade, pulled out flesh from my back through pliers,” said Taseer, while recounting his ordeal. “Then, they removed nails from my hands and feet.”

He went on to say that they (militants) would often bury him in the ground, while once they kept him under the soil for seven days. “At one point, they also sewed my lips,” he tells.

Denying reports of any ransom paid to secure his release, Shahbaz Taseer said that his liberation resulted from infighting between rival Taliban factions.

Taseer was kidnapped from his office on August 23, 2011 by militants who demanded ransom for his release.

He was recovered reportedly after an operation led by Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) together with intelligence personnel in Kuchlak, Balochistan.



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