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Shahid Kapoor asks those threatening Deepika to respect women

Bollywood’s charming hero Shahid Kapoor has asked those who are threatening Padmavati’s lead actress Deepika Padukone to learn to respect women.

“Currently, we are waiting as the film (Padmavati) is with CBFC (the Central Board of Film Certification) for clearance for the last month and a response is expected very soon. We are hopeful as it is the rightful body to take decision on Padmavati,” he said in an interview.

Padmavati director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has said the flick is a tribute to the valour of Rajput queen Padmavati, played by Deepika Padukone.

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The film is in the eye of a storm following protests from conservative groups over alleged tampering of historical facts, a contention Bhansali has denied repeatedly.

The release of the film, which was earlier slated for December 1, has been deferred as the filmmakers are yet to secure a censor certificate. The Indian Supreme Court has twice this month refused to block the movie.

On death threats to Deepika, Shahid said people were only talking and chattering over it while nothing was done about it.

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He said those who were trying to gain fame through threats should learn to repect and give regard to women.

“Whatever your beliefs are, but we have to respect women,” he said.

To another query, he said, “Anybody who wants to move forward, stand out and live life in the best possible way should learn to be fit.”



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