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Shahrukh Khan will lend voice for Razia Sultan TV series

King Khan was busy shooting for his upcoming show, a game show series titled-India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?- when he was approached by makers of the Razia Sultan show to voice the intro of the TV show. Khan requested them to wait until he was done with his shooting, before he could make any promises. After he was done shooting for the game show series, Shahrukh had a long chat with the makers of the Razia Sultan show, discussing the plot and theme in detail. He even studied the historic timeline of the series and saw a few visuals before giving his consent to voice the intro for Razia Sultan.

Shahrukh impressed everyone with his work ethic, energetic persona and dedication towards the project. A source from the sets revealed, “It was 1 am but SRK’s energy was high. While the channel representatives were happy with the first take, he insisted on doing it again with more variation. He then wanted to try something different and got under the skin of the characters, acting them out through dialogue.” The source further added, “His is a recognizable voice with an immediate connect with audiences worldwide. The emotion he brought into the narrative has enhanced its impact many times over.”

As far as Shahrukh Khan is concerned, there seems to be no dearth of projects for him these days. The actor is busy filming his upcoming movie titled Fan and the game show India Poochega- Sabse Shaana Kaun?. Fan will feature the charismatic Bollywood superstar playing the role of a crazed fan, who is intent on meeting the superstar he idolizes. Meanwhile, in between, he is also currently busy shooting as host for the game show India Poochega- Sabse Shaana Kaun?. The game show is inspired from the Israeli game show series titled ‘Who’s asking?’

This is what Khan had to say earlier regarding his hectic schedule.

“Shooting for this show while working on ‘Fan’ has been very hectic but what has kept me going is meeting real people. This show is about common people be it the questions or the answers. It is very tough physically but mentally I am on a break as I get to talk to so many people. I am having fun,” Shah Rukh told PTI in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

“I start ‘Fan’ by 1 pm and finish by 6 am and then I come here by 11.30-12 am and shoot till 11 pm before heading back to ‘Fan’.”

With all the stuff happening in SRK’s life at the moment, let’s hope his multiple projects make it big! Shahrukh Khan to play ‘sutradhar’ in Razia Sultan, will definitely be interesting!




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