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Shahrukh Khan wishes to go on Hajj with daughter Suhana

King Khan of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan expressed expressed wish to perform Hajj with his daughter.

Shahrukh Khan had earlier accompanied his mother to Hajj and he now desires to undertake the pilgrimage again, but not without his darling daughter.

Shahrukh Khan’s vivid knowledge in the field pertaining to Islam is not hidden from anyone. 

However, SRK hasn’t been on the pilgrimage in the recent past and the reason is his daughter Suhana.

King Khan wants to take Suhana along when he goes to Hajj next. Islam requires women to be accompanied either by their fathers, husbands, brothers or sons to go on the pilgrimage. 

The Bollywood superstar has the trip to Mecca on his mind and he will take it only when his daughter is ready to travel with him. Considering how much the Happy New Year actor loves spending time with his l’il gal, we’re not surprised that his next tour to the holy shrine revolves around her availability.



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