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Shaniera Akram teaches Pakistan road safety before Independence Day

The tweet came after a long list of tweets in which the ‘honorary Pakistani’ gave her fellow countrymen a lesson in road safety.

It all started when she saw a woman feeding her baby a bottle on her lap while driving.

The incident forced her to tweet-teach a thing or two about #RoadSafety in order to prevent accidents. As some of her followers argued with her in a not-so-impressive Pakistani fashion like “such things being a norm here” or “nothing can change because it is Pakistan” rant, the Bhabi gave them some befitting replies carrying love and hope for Pakistan.

Her replies to some of those who argued with her were befitting to say the least

She silenced the dementors and answered every other argument in the most befitting manner.  When someone lamented that a number of drivers don’t even acquire licences, Bhabhi said they have brains and can use it for their loved ones’ safety.


Well, this is not the first time she expressed her love for Pakistan, her 2014 tweet, too says the same.




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