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Shark, sea bat meat being sold as finger fish in big cities

KARACHI: Thousands of people visits sea food stalls every day to treat themselves to finger fish, without knowing that the delicious meat they are consuming is hazardous for their health and it comes from sea bats and sharks.

Talking to ARY News program ‘Bakhabar Savera’ Mohsin Bhatti made shocking revelations about most the fish stalls established in the country in general and the seafood stalls in Karachi and Lahore in particular.


He maintained that the meat of sharks, sea bats and marine turtles was being served to the customers in the garb of finger fish at these stalls. In order to get maximum profit, these stalls were playing with the people’s lives, Mohsin Bhatti added.

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He said that the meet was imported from Vietnam, adding that it is very harmful for human health. Bhatti said that the stalls used harmful chemicals to remove the foul smell of the meat.

Later, the chefs cooked different dishes from the unhygienic meat and served it to the customers at the stalls.



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