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SHC declares ban on film ‘Maalik’ illegal

The court had reserved its verdict in the previous hearing while conducting proceedings of the case.

On April 27, the federal government had revoked censor certification of Ashir Azeem’s directorial debut ‘Maalik’. The movie was swiftly taken off cinemas across the country, after three weeks of screening.

The counsel of the federal government had told the Lahore High Court in June that the flick humiliates political figures raising fears of unrest in the country. The ban was prompted by nationwide complaints against the picture. He maintained the government imposed a ban on Maalik using its constitutional powers.

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At this, the court remarked that what is shown in the movie that has already been aired on TV channels and some other flicks, now it’s up to a person whether to watch it or not.

It ruled that the federal government failed to furnish reasonable arguments in support of ban on Maalik.

The petitioners also stated during the hearing that complaints were lodged against the movie under fake names and were non-admissible.



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