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Shehbaz Sharif launches online Dealer Vehicle Registration System

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday launched online Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS).

Addressing the launching ceremony, he said DVRS will make vehicles’ registration process hassle-free and eliminate the role of agents’ mafia.

“Our law enforcement agencies are engaged in fighting against terrorism. DVRS will be another blow to the terrorists by ensuring eradication of fake and illegal number plates,” he said.

He said it was a big gift for the Punjab police and other forces to help tighten noose around terrorists’ necks.

The main objective of this system, according to Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab, is to eliminate phenomena of plying of unregistered vehicles and to provide maximum convenience to the purchaser of motor vehicles. For this purpose the relevant department has taken well-reputed dealers having good standing in the market as their partners.

The CM said under DVRS illegal agents will be discouraged, while genuine dealers will be given prominent status.

The distinguished features of DVRS include issuance of license plate on spot, strong system of database for online registration, facility of registration even after office hours and getting rid of queues.



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