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Shehzad Rafique to make biopic on Aitizaz Hasan

Pakistani filmmaker Shehhzad Rafique comes out to pay tribute to the bravery of young martyr Aitizaz Hasan who sacrificed his life to save his fellows and teachers’ lives from a deadly attack.

Aitizaz hasan was a 15-year-old school boy from Hangu district, who died in a ghastly encounter while stopping the lunatic bomber. He was a resident of Ibrahimzai village in Hangu where he found a suicide bomber heading to his school building on a frigid morning of 7th January 2014. Instead of securing his life Aitizaz ran towards the person and grabbed him that is where the suicide bomber detonated his explosive-laden vest. The young hero died in the hospital after saving many lives.

Shahzad Rafique is one of a renowned Pakistani director, who has given some remarkable hits to the drowning lollywood industry. His films Ghunghat, Nikkah and Rukhsati are few of the best films Pakistani industry has produced in past three decades.  The ace filmmaker is all set to canvas the life journey of a boy who ended up a martyr and national hero in his upcoming film ‘Salute’.

The step taken by Shehzad to pay tribute to a young fellow is commendable. It is a great initiative to value and remember the national heroes and asset of the country. Aitizaz sterling example of patriotism and gallantry earned him enough recognition and accolades, which should not be forgotten by the nation. The young boy who gave us his life at a young age of dreaming needs to be remembered in the pages of history.

The film with the original script is written by Tariq Ismail. The shoots of the film will complete in March and it is slated to hit the theaters in May.




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