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Shehzad Roy’s latest song Zindabad brings patriotism to the fore

Shehzad Roy has been known to highlight social issues and societal evils through his music. However, the Pakistani singer has gone patriotic with his recent song Zindabad wherein he portrays the true essence of Pakistan, its picturesque landscape, hospitable citizens and an optimistic future.

Driving through the various landscapes of Pakistan and strumming his guitar subsequently, Roy drives home the point that Pakistan is seeing bright days and the prospects for the country are glorious. Catch the music video below:-

Roy’s effort should be appreciated and though the lyrics are really simple yet those are the exact ingredients that make a patriotic, emotionally fueled awami song strike a chord with the masses. While it does pale in comparison with earlier national songs from Junaid Jamshed and Junoon, one must appreciate Roy’s latest song.

The ode comes at the wake of an epic clash set to take place between India and Pakistan at Kolkata. Also, the Pakistan Day is just a couple of days ahead hence the patriotic feelings are sky high.



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