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Sheikh Rasheed declares rulers responsible if something happens to him

ISLAMABAD: Awami Muslim League (AML) Head, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that if something happens to him, then the rulers of the state will be responsible for it – ARY News reports.

Reacting to a letter written by the Ministry of Interior about a life threat to him by two persons named Niaz Rahim and Zameer, Sheikh Rasheed said that if the Government has evidence, then it should arrest the above mentioned persons. He said that if his life is at risk, then it also poses a threat to the President and the Prime Minister.

Rasheed said that if he is tried to be killed, then an FIR should be registered against the rulers of the state.

The AML Chief said that the people of Pakistan are facing greater threats by corruption and inflation.

Sheikh Rasheed said that his party is striving against corruption, inflation and unemployment in a democratic manner. He added that the AML will step into the field through its train-march, in order to get the people of Pakistan their due rights.



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