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Sherani says no consensus among IIC members on Fatwa against terrorism

LAHORE: The Chairman of Islamic Ideology Council (IIC), Molana Muhammad Khan Sherani has said that he could not agree all the members of the council for issuing a Fatwa against terrorism, whereas he reiterated that a prior consent of first wife is not necessary according to Shariah, for marrying another woman – ARY News reports.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Molana Muhammad Khan Sherani said that a recommendation from the IIC should come relating to under what conditions Jihad becomes a must and who has the authority to announce it. He told that the members of the council did not agree upon bringing a Fatwa against terrorism, on the agenda of the council.

Speaking about Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO), Sherani stated that no sensible person sees it as an ideal legislation, because under this every citizen is a born criminal.

The IIC Chairman however, declined to comment on the performance of the Taliban-nominated committee for peace talks, saying that Molana Sami ul Haq should be consulted about this.

He told that a prior consent of first wife is not necessary for a man, to tie a know with another woman, however if he seeks the permission then it will be a positive step.

Moreover, Molana Sherani referred to the resolution of Sindh Assembly against the IIC, as unconstitutional.



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