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Sherry Rehman boarded on the wrong flight by PIA

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management boarded Senator Sherry Rehman along with other passengers in a wrong plane. The Pakistan People’s Party leader disclosed braving this ‘strange experience’ in a tweet.

Ms Rehman was due to board a Sukkur-bound flight, but instead the PIA boarded all the passengers on the flight scheduled for Multan.

The ex-Pakistan’s ambassador to the US was quick to share this development on the micro-blogging website.

After boarding a right flight, she also taunted the national carrier saying, “no bakra in sight (for sacrifice)’. Her mockery was in reference to the recent PIA move to sacrifice black goat on runaway moments before the ATR plane takeoff.

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An ATR turbo-prop plane of PIA crashed into a mountain on December 7, bursting into flames and killing all those on board.

PIA subsequently grounded its fleet of 10 ATR pending detailed inspections.

But after the shakedown tests, the airline cleared the planes for take-off again, some staffers went for a more traditional safety measure – sacrificing a black goat on the runway at Islamabad airport, only yards from the aircraft.


Social media users immediately leapt on the image, criticizing the airline for putting superstition ahead of safety standards.



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