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Sherry Rehman slams PTI over amnesty scheme ordinance

ISLAMABAD: PPP senator Sherry Rehman on Wednesday slammed the PTI government for introducing the tax amnesty scheme for whitening of undisclosed assets through a presidential ordinance.

“A presidential ordinance was brought after proroguing the sessions of Parliament,” she said in a statement. “The ongoing sessions of the Senate and National Assembly were adjourned overnight,” she claimed.

Ms Rehman said the government tried to secretly introduce the tax amnesty scheme. She was of the view that the presidential ordinance is tantamount to contempt of Parliament.

She questioned why the government didn’t table the scheme when the sessions of both the houses of Parliament were ongoing. An announcement to run the government through presidential ordinances has been made, she added.

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The PPP doesn’t accept this presidential type of the government, she said.

Earlier today, President Arif Alvi issued an ordinance for the Asset Declaration Scheme which the federal cabinet had approved a day earlier.

The ‘Asset Declaration Scheme’ provides an opportunity to all Pakistani citizens to whiten black economy by paying 4 per cent on cast assets held within Pakistan and 6 percent if cash assets are kept abroad.



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