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Shiraz Uppal performs with A.R.Rahman at US and meets Quincy Jones

Renowned Pakistani singer Shiraz Uppal is having the time of his life these days. Not only is the pop singer collaborating with one of the most recognized musicians around the world (A.R.Rahman) but he also got the chance to meet with legendary producer Quincy Jones.

Uppal and A.R.Rahman have teamed up for the A.R. Rahman North America Intimate Tour. The concert is taking place across many cities of the United States and Shiraz also got a chance to meet with 27 time Grammy award winning producer Quincy Jones. Quincy has produced renowned albums for Michael Jackson. Here are Shiraz Uppal’s experiences in his own words:-

Shiraz Uppal has recently also lent his vocals for Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s movie 3 Bahadur. He has also collaborated with A.R.Rahman in the past for the song Ranjhanaa.



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