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WATCH: Shopping store’s attempt to sell PS5 ends in riots

Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation PS5, has witnessed unprecedented demand ever since it was released on November 12.   

In a recent incident, the demand for the next-generation console was witnessed recently at a department store in Tokyo, that descended into insanity during a sale event.

Shoppers flocked the Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo’s Akihabara shopping district with the hopes of buying Ps5 consoles.

According to reports, the consoles were being dished out on a first-come, first-serve policy with a few numbers tickets instead of a lottery system.

However, the event soon became chaotic as scores of shoppers started rioting after failing to get the consoles. As a result, the cops had to intervene to control the large crowd and the event was cancelled.

A report by Metro said the police were able to control the crowd. However, many consoles were left unsold due to the ruckus.

On December 21, a video of two women brawling and exchanging heated words inside a department store over a PS5 console went viral on social media platforms.

The fight between two women over a PlayStation 5 was caught on camera inside a Walmart store. It showed a woman with long braids started shouting at another wearing a black hoodie.

Later, the woman in long braids took off her jacket and continues to exchange heated words with the other woman.

After a man and a woman tried to calm down the situation, the woman in the hoodie attacks the other customer and the two begin a full-out brawl while other people are seen moving away from the area as the two women continue exchanging blows, a report quoted Mirror UK.



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