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Shoppingum.com launched by GIK Graduate to make online shopping easy during Covid Outbreak

The world is highly affected by the traumatic event of the Corona Virus, where almost everyone is struggling to stay safe. Due to this, people opt for social distancing and evacuate themselves from social gatherings. The uncertain situation of lockdown during these pandemic crises has created depression among the people of Pakistan also. Tangible malls and supermarts get open for a specific short time in a day and get closed immediately according to the given scheduled time for shopping by the Government. However, people are still avoiding physical visits to malls and marts due to the fear of this infectious virus.

In this sacred month of Ramzan, people are concerned about celebrating this holy month with full enthusiasm. Still, they are also afraid of socializing, to meet their loved ones, going to mosques for prayers, etc. and this wave of persistent depression due to this contagious virus seems like to have stopped “routine activities” for all. People are trying to meet their needs by using social platforms, and due to this, e-commerce is boosting during these days.

What is the solution to this complex misfortune?

Remarkable technology is playing a vital role in resolving shopping problems. And to handle this quarantine peacefully while being at home, the internet is the best option. Online shopping is the key to success for everyone as they can have their desired product with few clicks. What about Pakistan? Are we standing on a point where our e-commerce industry has become worthy? The answer is Yes!

Pakistan’s first and biggest real-time e-commerce search engine Shoppingum.com is created by two outstanding bright-minded graduates of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute GIKI, Mr. Bilal Jamil, and Mr. Syed Ali Abbas Haider. Muhammad Bilal Jamil is the CEO and the main technical lead on and Ali is the General Manger and the marketing lead at Shoppingum. These two founders and the creators have utilized their skills to set an online platform that is convenient and user-friendly for online shopping while creating social distancing people can be integrated at the same time through this platform. It has a massive variety of products; in short, all the products are available on the online shopping stores of Pakistan. Shoppingum is an umbrella under which 210 publicly acclaimed authentic online shopping stores with a vast range of around 3.2 million diverse products.

Why is there a need for real-time tracking?

In this pandemic situation, where health organizations had advised to stay in self-isolation at home, they were afraid to contact others in socially crowded places. A need for real-time tracking has emerged to get the desired product at your doorstep. Live tracking of products through Shoppingum makes life easy-peasy as it uses algorithms at the backend, which searches the most relevant and desirable product within a blink of an eye. Just by a few clicks, you can be integrated through the most relevant site, which can be accessed through shoppingum as it can connect you with different online shopping stores where your desired product is available in your price range.

How Shoppingum contrasts with other sites?

Now the point which pops-up in mind is why one should go for Shoppingum.com when there are a lot of different sites. Everyone agrees that there are different online shopping stores and sites, but the answer is that these all Pakistani online shopping sites are integrated on a single platform of Shoppingm.com. It is a beneficial way to select the desired product’s invaluable and desirable price range. Pricing feature is the best which one can use to check the price of the same product at different stores. People can either select the price range from higher to lower or lower to higher as per their requirement. While this you can save your precious time. Most of the online stores have also discontinued their services, and you can get the details for the stores which are still open and serving in this pandemic lockdown through shoppingum.com. It also helps to link people with the stores where online payment method or cash on delivery is available. People can find their desired products under this one single umbrella of shoppingum at reasonable rates and from the most authentic site. Shoppingum also succors to finding the location of the store nearest to one’s place and makes it easy for you to decide to buy the product from the nearest shopping store which can deliver the product sooner. It also displays the most effective, relevant, and recommended results for all.



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