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Shujaat sees no harm in military’s ‘reminder’ to govt

Talking to media here, Shujaat said where the All Parties Conference, which was held to devise a national strategy against terrorism, had decided a few tasks for the army; there it also assigned a few things to the government.

“Military has accomplished its job, but the government tasks are still pending,” he noted. “While, there is no harm in it, if the military has pointed out certain things.”

The APC had decided that the a few points of the National Action Plan (NAP) will be acted upon by the civilian government and the will military will be responsible of countering terrorism and launching an offensive against miscreants, he recalled.

Commenting on the local body (LB) elections, Chaudhry Shujaat said we are not contesting against Nawaz-league; we are rather competing against DCOs and DPOs.



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