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Shutting Geo TV has become legal after May 20, says Israr Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Member of the PEMRA committee, Israr Abbasi has said that shutting Geo TV has become legal after May 20. He admitted that PEMRA is facing severe pressure on the decision of closure of Geo TV and fake documents are being issued to create confusion in this regard – ARY News reports.

Israr Abbasi said that soon after the PEMRA meeting on May 20, tickers mentioned a PEMRA spokesperson referring to the meeting as illegal. He said that the specified PEMRA spokesperson was tried to be found out, for several days, but no one came forth, for nobody had done so and tickers transmitted untrue and misleading information.

The PEMRA member told that an unsigned document was issued, only to create confusion regarding the matter.

He said that PTV transmitted those tickers first of all and everybody knows wherefrom tickers are generated on state television channel.

Israr Abbasi told that the tickers further mentioned that the meeting was cancelled by PEMRA and the next meeting will be held after the decision of the high court.

He said the ones who cancelled the scheduled meeting of PEMRA, could also not be identified and all this was aimed at creating confusion on the issue of the closure of Geo TV and that is why we eventually consulted the Islamabad High Court (IHC).



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