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Woman plotted black magic to curse sister before killing her by stabbing 68 times

Investigators have unfolded the details of a frenzied murder case where a woman hired a witch doctor to put a black magic spell on her older sister before ferociously murdering her by stabbing 68 times because she wanted her husband for herself.

The revelations were filmed in a chilling documentary based on a true story of Sabah Khan who had brutally murdered her older sibling, Saima, at their Luton home in May 2016 after having a four-year-long affair with her brother-in-law, taxi driver Hafeez Rehman.

Sabah Khan (Left), Saima, Hafeez Rehman (Right)

Saima had been lured by her younger sister under the ruse that her children were crying before she was horribly murdered. The woman chopped off Saima’s hand and almost decapitated her by slashing her throat after stabbing 68 times inside the home.

Sabah bought this knife to murder her sister.

It later emerged that Sabah was involved in an affair with Saima’s husband and wanted him for herself, Dailmail UK reported.

Saima’s four children aged one to seven, who were asleep upstairs, woke up as the ‘scene of carnage unfolded’ and Saima’s seven-year-old daughter shouted down to her aunt: ‘Are you killing a mouse?’

The documentary will reveal findings of the investigators who traced Sabah’s suspicious activities before killing her sister including looking into methods to kill, buying poison, venomous snakes and paying £5,000 for a Witch Doctor to put a spell on her sister. Thought it first appeared to be a burglary gone wrong, detectives soon uncovered a complex love triangle.

Sabah Khan had been sentenced to life with a minimum term of 22 years in 2017 after pleading guilty to her sister’s murder.



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