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Sidra Batool and Neelam Muneer lock horns

The ARY Digital drama “Arranged Marriage” which is near its end had both Sidra Batool and Neelam Muneer in characters that require fighting for one man Ahmed (Ali Agha) while Roshanay (Neelam) did it silently and patiently,  Meeral (Sidra) did it by tricks and debauchery hand in glove with Ahmed.

While both the girls fight on screen, their acting skills too are tested as one displays emotions only through her face while the other shouts and has her sort of thing done.

While Neelam Muneer had her fans and viewers in awe with her amazing performance throughout, Sidra Batool too has emerged as an actress that does justice to her role.

Viewers are anxiously waiting for the last episode of the drama which will see Neelam Muneer winning hearts both on screen and on the acting front.

 To Watch all the episodes Click Here,  ARRANGED MARRIAGE



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