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Sikandar ka Mandar releases latest music video for ‘Baghi’ at T2F

Saturday night at T2F was eventful, happening and exciting to say the least.

The music video was unveiled by the band for the auspicious audience, before the same song was performed live by the band. You can check out the music video for the song below:-

The video of the song showcases exactly what would go down were an alien invasion to take place in Karachi. Directed by Nadir Shahzad and starring the band members Mariam Saleem Nawaz and Usman Mukhtar, the video takes you back into the 1950s era.

Sikandar Ka Mandar was started by Nadir Shahzad in 2011, who also happens to write the music for the band and compose their tunes as well. He can play a variety of instruments and is the lead vocalist of the band as well. Sikandar Ka Mandar also includes Ali Suhail, Rahail Siddiqui, and Raheel Manzar Paul.



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