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Sikh worker wins fight for turban, beard against Disney World

Gurdit Singh – a deliveryman – had claimed his routes at Walt Disney World Resort were restricted so that the visitors would not see his turban and beard has now won the right to have same routes as others.

The theme park issued a letter last month stating that Singh, 57, would be provided religious accommodation from Disney’s grooming guidelines known as ‘The Disney Look’, which requires workers to have neatly cut hair, while it prohibits unnatural hair color and visible tattoos.

The company started allowing workers to have beards in 2012, however these should be neatly trimmed.

The ACLU and The Sikh Coalition had threatened of a legal action, as just a month ago the US Supreme Court had ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who was not hired by a firm for wearing a headscarf also known as Hijab.

“The court made it clear that companies cannot just turn a blind eye to employees who need accommodating,” said an ACLU attorney who represented Singh.

Disney’s counsel Armando Rodriguez-Feo stated in the letter that the company is devoted to diversity.

“The Walt Disney World Resort responds positively to requests for reasonable religious accommodations that do not create undue hardship for the company,” he added.

Gurdit Singh had been denied career advancements and isolated from co-workers for he was limited to a single route outside the view of Disney guests, according to a letter Singh’s attorney wrote to Disney CEO Robert Iger and other executives.



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