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SA session deferred without taking up resolution on Rangers

The opposition members gathered in front of Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani’s rostrum and begna chantign slogans against government for ‘delaying tactics’ in considering the resolution backing special powers for the paramilitary force in Karachi.

Opposition lawmakers Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, Imtiaz Sheikh, Shehryar Mehar and others shouted before the speaker to take up the motion, however Mr. Durrani said proceedings will run as per the chronology of assembly agenda enlisted in the ‘order of the day’.

The speaker was eventually forced to adjourn the session due to opposition protest and ruckus in its wake.

Members of the MQM remained on the sidelines and refrained from participation during the uproar.

The resolution was placed at number 12 on the Assembly’s agenda. The previous night, Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah had presided over consultations held on the matter of Sindh Rangers’ authorities and powers.

The final draft of the resolution was also prepared during the meeting. The meeting was attended by senior PPP members Nisar Khuhro, Murad Ali Shah, Sikander Mendhar and other ministers.

Qaim Ali Shah had earlier commented that the heavens won’t fall if it took an extra three or four days to extend Rangers’ powers. He had also stated that there was no need to play politics over the matter.

The Sindh Chief Minister had said that they were experiencing problems with other state institutions. He said that there was constant interference from NAB and FIA in Sindh. The issue of state institutions interfering in provincial governments’ decisions will also be taken up in the assembly today, he said.

On Saturday, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar had held a press conference and backed Rangers for doing a good job in maintaining law and order in the province, especially Karachi. He had also said that problems and hurdles were being created due to one man, which was unfortunate.
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