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‘Tabdeeli Pasand Party’ launched in Sindh

HYDERABAD: A new party surfaces on the political landscape of Sindh named “Tabdeeli Pasand Party”. The launching of the party witnessed an impressive show with a fair gathering of people in Hyderabad. The party leader claims to bring innovation in the politics of Sindh.

The new party’s leader, Ali Qazi, made a compassionate address to the crowd that they are here to bring change and will take Sindh to new heights and will not stop till they achieve their goals.

‘This is not a casual gathering of people, this is the beginning of a new era in Sindh, he claimed.

Mr. Qazi promised to make visible and positive changes to the current politics, “which is rotting and degenerating”.

A media-person turned politician, Qazi leading a campaign against corruption and other issues of governance in Sindh.

“People of the same mentality, no matter they are in different parties, have been ruling Sindh for decades. Problems of common people are not in their priority or agenda,” said Qazi in his address.

Addressing to a crowd of nearly 15,000 people Qazi urged his supporters to wisely use their vote.

Qazi owns an influential media house of Sindhi language.

Qazi vehemently criticizing the traditional political elite of Sindh and their brand of politics, said they win with corruption and manipulating the elections in their favor.

He said his party was harbinger of change in the politics of Sindh.

He said he registered his party with the Election Commission of Pakistan five months ago but launching it after consultations and feedback from the people across Sindh.



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