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Sindh cabinet meeting gives go-ahead to bill proposing multiplying traffic violation fines

The meeting chaired by Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah ended up with the decision to bring a new traffic law.

A proposal has been made to double the fine of commuters travelling without licenses, while breaking signal could lay Rs1, 000 fine plus cancellation of driving license.

Murad Ali Shah said acquiring license in other countries was way difficult, while getting license in our country was as easy as getting admission in a school.

He said the laws of issuance of license should be made strict to avoid traffic accidents.

The cabinet meeting also proposed to make driving license compulsory for every citizen like other countries. The meeting said motorbike manufacturing companies should be made bound to gift helmet with new bikes.

The meeting decided to take strict measures to stop one-wheeling. For the time being, wearing helmet would be mandatory for all with the exception of children and women.

Meanwhile, DIG Traffic Ameer Shaikh suggested increasing fine, on those not wearing helmets, from Rs150 to Rs1000.

While talking to media in Karachi, the DIG traffic said suggestions were presented to impose Rs1000 fine on driver of bike and Rs500 on the ones sitting behind without helmet.



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