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Sindh govt forms committee to probe Thar crisis

The provincial government formed the committee after two months of the crisis, when Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly filed a privilege motion to raise the issue in the House.

Provincial minister Murad Ali Shah said the committee would soon conclude its inquiry and furnish its report in the assembly.

The committee comprises Sardar Shah, Mahesh Kumar Malani, Hayat Talpur, Zafar Kamali, Amir Haider Shah and Saeed Nizamani.

Murad told the House that some legal issues prompted delay in formation of the committee.

Life in the desert is closely tied to rain-dependent crops and animals, with farmers relying on beans, wheat and sesame seeds for survival. They barter any surplus for livestock.

There are few health care facilities in the area, and families must travel substantial distances to seek treatment.



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