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Sindh govt to put head money on hardened criminals

According to details, District City Police has sent a letter to Sindh Home Department proposing head money on hardened criminals in Karachi.

The letter includes a list of 63 hardened criminals with proposed bounties on their heads. Anyone helping in their arrest ‘dead or alive’ will get the money.

Amongst the notorious criminals included Baba Ladla and Taju Ustad of Lyari gang war. The police has proposed two million rupees bounty on the head of both hardened criminals.

Anyone helping in the arrest of Nawaz alias Cobra and Asif alias Chotu should be awarded half a million rupees. Both the terrorists belong to a banned outfit.

Similar amount is proposed for the arrest of a murderer Imam Bizenjo. Bizenjo is convicted of killing Deputy Commissioner Quetta.

The police has recommended Rs 200,000 bounty on the head of notorious criminals Ghulam Hussain alias Diesel, Iqbal Butt, Ghulam Asghar, Farooq alias Rootha, Amir alias Mulla, Zulfiqar alias Pappu and Amir alias Dollar, in the letter.



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