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Sindh home minister calls for strict enforcement of ban on one wheeling, racing

KARACHI: Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal has said that the ban imposed on one wheeling, speeding and racing by cars will be strictly enforced throughout the metropolis.

During his visit to Karachi’s Do Darya on Sunday morning, he said it would be an achievement for the government, if a life is saved because of the ban.

He said the ban on one wheeling has been imposed throughout the provincial capital. “We are trying our best to prevent mishaps occurring because of one wheeling, speeding or racing between two vehicles,” he added.

Meanwhile, the police have taken 34 people into custody for driving altered cars and motorcycles and carrying incomplete documents during snap checking in the area.

On Friday, the Sindh government imposed the ban on one wheeling, speeding and racing by motorcycles in Karachi.

The ban was imposed in the wake of the December 3 shooting incident in which a teenager lost his life while another was injured.

A notification issued by the provincial home department says, “It has been observed that there is an increasing tendency in youngsters to resort to one wheeling/over-speeding/racing of motorcycles/bikes on public streets/roads highways, which leads to loss of lives, property, quarrels etc.”

“And whereas, the Government of Sindh is satisfied that in order to avoid such incidents, immediate measures are needed to be taken.”



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