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Sindh is just like a mother and it must not be partitioned: Altaf Hussain

KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Altaf Hussain clarifying the context of his earlier remarks about division of Sindh said “Sindh is just like his Mother and it must not be partitioned”, ARY News reported.

Addressing via a telephone to the massive crowd in Karachi on Sunday, Altaf Hussain suggested for supposed provinces namely ‘Sindh One’ and ‘Sindh Two’, one for PPP supporters and the other for people from diverse ethnic groups who are being denied their rights.

MQM’s Chief criticized certain anchorpersons for portraying his words negatively and for working on false propaganda.

“If any columnist write in favor of MQM revealing the truth were labeled as sold out,” he regretted.

Altaf Hussain complained that if any party talk about division of country over Kalabagh Dam and other asking rights for their province suggested people to be prepared for Bangladesh-like situation of 1971, people remained silent without making a clamor over it, in contrast if MQM asks for their right, everyone started hubbub.

Speaking about the upcoming Local Body elections, he criticized the delimitation of constituencies and alleged PPP for snatching mandate of MQM and to creating a scenario making their win guarantee.

Altaf Hussain announced MQM is ready to fight, even when all doors close from all sides.

Altaf questioned “Who got the NFC Award for Sindh?, Who prevented the Kalabagh Dam from being built? And answered himself saying “It’s MQM who brought NFC award to Sindh and stopped Kalabagh Dam from being built.

People from different ethnic including Sindhi and Pashtu attended the MQM’s gathering and announced their support to Altaf Hussain and his party in their own language.

Following are some of the ARY's exclusive snap shots of MQM gathering,  

IMG_3731 IMG_3747 IMG_3760IMG_3775 IMG_3750IMG_3772




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