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Sindh police to team up with rangers on polling day: IG Sindh

KARACHI: Inspector General (IG) Sindh Amjad Javed Saleem has announced that a joint security plan will be devised for election day by Sindh Police and Rangers together.

Speaking to journalists at the Saeedabad police training centre, IG Sindh informed that Sindh police had teamed up with rangers to formulate a foolproof security plan, which will enable both forces to coordinate through one communication network.

In case of any security concern, the one network of communication will alert both – police and rangers – to reach the site of incident promptly, he added.

100,000 policemen will be deployed on July 25, with the majority being on force field formation and the remaining will be positioned at different police stations, Saleem stated.

The IG Sindh told media that there are some extremely sensitive polling stations which count more than 5,600 in the province.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has declared 65 per cent of polling stations and polling booths in Sindh as ‘sensitive’ or ‘very sensitive’.

According to the data released by the Commission, there are a total of 17, 747 polling stations in Sindh, out of which 5, 776 have been declared ‘sensitive’ while 5, 673 ‘very sensitive’.

In Karachi, 698 polling stations and 2, 790 polling booths of East district, 237 polling stations and 1,359 polling booths of West district, 223 polling stations and 892 polling booth of South district and 244 polling stations and 936 polling booths of Central district have been declared as ‘very sensitive’.



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