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Siraj asks govt to negotiate, not to wait for sit-ins

Addressing a press conference on Friday, the JI ameer urged all the stake holders to think about democracy and the people of the country. He expressed his hopes that the political leadership of the country and the rulers of the state will not provide a chance for the country to be disgraced.

Siraj ul Haq urged the Opposition Leader, Syed Khursheed Shah to form a parliamentary committee of all the political parties that will facilitate negotiations and will monitor the entire process.

He stressed on the supremacy of the constitution, saying that one it is abolished then it will be extremely difficult to keep a country with various ethnicities and sects together.

The JI chief emphasized on upholding the constitution of Pakistan in any situation, adding that a strategy to deal with the situation, should be devised under the light of the constitution.

Moreover, he urged the Supreme Court (SC) to play its role in ending the political deadlock in state.



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