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Siraj says Karachi populace has rejected MQM

Addressing journalists at the Karachi Press Club, Siraj ul Haq said that Karachi populace extended all possible support to Altaf Hussain, but the MQM chief failed in resolving their issues ranging from water shortage to unrest in the metropolis.

He urged the people to bring a change through the power of their vote and said that the by-election in NA-246 is a major opportunity in this regard.

In response to a question about judicial commission to investigate rigging allegations, Siraj said what evidence could be more credible than Nabeel Gabol’s statement in which he confessed rigging of the election.

He said that if the rule of law was established in the country, then the ones living in palaces today will be seen inside prisons.

The JI emir said that our children are bearing the burden of ruler’s luxuries and the ones talking about democracy have themselves harmed it the most.

Siraj ul Haq also urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure intraparty elections within every political party and prevent the parties from operating, which fail to hold internal elections.



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