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Siraj ul Haq to take oath as JI Ameer tomorrow

LAHORE: Newly elect Ameer of Jamat e Islami (JI), Siraj ul Haq will be taking oath of his party post tomorrow, whilst the outgoing Ameer, Syed Munawwar Hassan has been criticized strongly, by media and political personalities for his controversial statements on certain issues – ARY News brings its readers a brief report on this.

"Jamat e Islami (JI) has remained an uncontroversial party due to its ideology, since 1941, yet Munawwar Hassan's ever-growing sympathies for Taliban paved ways for strong criticism by military institutions and religious circles, over his statements that surfaced on media from time to time", said Pir Masoom Naqvi, Chairman of supreme council of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP).

Senior analyst, Dr Hassan Askari says that the controversial statements of Munawwar Hassan proved to be the only obstacle in his way of getting elected as the JI Ameer for the second time.

Meanwhile, current JI secretary general, Liaquat Baloch refers to the statements of Munawwar as the policy of party shuraa.

However, a hope is persisting among the political circles that the new JI Ameer, Siraj ul Haq will opt for a careful attitude while issuing statements.



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