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Innocent Kashmiris are looking towards Pakistan, says Sirajul Haq

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Senator Sirajul Haq slammed Indian government as the inhumane curfew in occupied Jammu and Kashmir entered into its 128th consecutive day, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Sirajul Haq, in his latest statement, said that innocent Kashmiris including woman, children and elders are still under sieged after 128 days. He said that Kashmiri people are looking towards Pakistan for assistance. He detailed that the political leadership of the Kashmiris has been jailed.

The JI chief said that at least 13,000 women were kidnapped and raped in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir in accordance with an international report.

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He urged the Pakistani government to expedite efforts for Kashmiris to end their miseries.

On December 6, Senator Sirajul Haq had urged the government to formulate an action plan on Kashmir just like the authorities had made national consensus to fight terrorism.

Sirajul Haq, while addressing the participants of Kashmir March, criticised that the silence of all political parties for Kashmir issue spread disappointment among the nation. He urged political parties to come on the same page for Kashmiris.

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He said, “Politicians have disappointed Kashmiris. Prime Minister Imran Khan has kept silence so far despite making the announcement to give a roadmap after returning from the United Nations (UN). Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now opening continuing atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir after imposition of curfew and other restrictions.”

The JI supremo urged the ruling government to envisage an action plan for Kashmir dispute.

Earlier on November 26, Jamaat-e-Islam Ameer, Senator Sirajul Haq, had that JI will march towards the federal capital Islamabad on December 22 to raise voice for Kashmiris.



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