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Six death row convicts executed across Pakistan

The executions started with two hangings in Sukkur Central Jail where Abdul Razzaq Chohan and Jalil alias Jalal Morejo were hanged to death.

Jalil was awarded death penalty for killing a relative in 1997 while Abdul Razzaq killed a secondary level student by slitting his throat.

Sahiwal Central Jail witnessed one hanging while another hanging was delayed as the aggrieved family said to be pardoned the murderer.

Shahbaz was executed while Jaffar’s hanging was delayed. Shahbaz killed a citizen Asim Baig in a gun attack back in 1998. Jaffar who killed his brother Khaleel and sister Saeeda was pardoned by the family.

Muhammad Khan was hanged to death in Mianwali Central Jail while another convict Khubdar Shah’s execution was delayed after receiving a ‘compromise agreement’.

Death row convict Ayub was hanged in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat Jail while a rapist cum murderer Ghulam Yaseen was executed in Bahawalpur Jail.



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