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Six missing children of Sukkur drowned in Indus, says police

SUKKUR: Police has disclosed that six missing children of Sukkur were drowned in Indus River, ARY News reported on Monday.

Police officials have told the media that dead body of a missing child was found in river in Larkana district.

One of the the children was drowning when they were swimming in the river. They tried to save each other and drowned one after another, officials recount the incident.

A child who was also swimming in the river at that time witnessed the incident and has confirmed drowning of the children, police officials said.

The child who witnessed the drowning incident, was so scared that he was fearing to talk about the heart wrenching incident, police  said.

The children missing from their homes in Sukkur were earlier apprehended to be drowned in Indus River.

The divers of Pakistan Navy on Sunday came to assist the civil administration in a search operation in Indus to trace the children, including three brothers, missing from Hamad Plaza at Queens Road of Sukkur.

The clothes of the children were found near the Sukkur Barrage.

The children, from 11 years to 16 years of age, left their homes on last Friday informing their families that they were going to play a cricket match but didn’t return back.

The police later informed that the clothes and shoes of the children were found near the bank of Indus river and expressed apprehension of drowning of the children in the river.



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