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Six Nawabshah villages submerge in Sada Wah canal breach

NAWABSHAH: A canal breach in Nawabshah district submerged six villages and standing crops on hundreds of acres, ARY News reported on Monday.

A 40 feet wide breach in Sada Wah at Jam Sahib 68 Mori, was further widened to 60 feet, according to local sources.

Six nearby villages including Ali Ahmed Zardari village, Sarwar Khan Zardari, village Manzoor Bhund, Pir Bux Brohi, Jawan Dahri and village Pir Bux Rind came under the water due to the breach in Sada Wah.

Standing crops and hundreds of acres also submerged in the water gushing from the breach, local people said.

No action yet taken by the officials of the Nusrat Division of the irrigation department to plug the breach despite they were informed of the breach well in time but none turned up, affected people lamented.

Local villagers were trying to fill the breach on self-help basis without any support from the concerned Sindh government department.

The affected people have appealed the district authorities for help to plug the breach.

It is pertinent to mention here that the government of Sindh every year allocates huge funds in the provincial budget for maintenance and repair of canal embankments. Lack of attention of the authorities results in frequent incidents of canal breach in the province, leaving the population into quandary.



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