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Six underrated style statements popularised by Princess Diana

Endearingly shy and eternally graceful, Princess Diana Spencer is hailed as perhaps one of the most influential style icons of our time.

The fact that her fashion choices are a point of discussion even today, more than two decades after her tragic passing, is testament to the fact that Di popularised many of the fashion trends that we are so used to now. From oversized sweaters and smooth-cut peplums to colour-blocking and fun pants, Di did it first!

While many of her bolder and more sartorial choices are well-known, there are some more understated style statements of Diana that are lost in translation. Here are six such moments, as compiled from Elle, that popularised some of the trends we so love to follow, even today!

Oversized sweaters


Way before chunky sweaters were a trend, Princess Diana paired one that was several sizes too big for her with a dress. Effortless and chic, this is a look that we wouldn’t be surprised seeing in a magazine even today.

Hybrid hat 

Princess of Wales

We are all aware of the British fascination with fascinators and hats, so when Di sported a turban and hat hybrid, it sure was a moment for the times!

Fancy pants 

Style Statement

If you’re a fashion watcher, you know boring pants don’t quite cut it. And you would be lying if you said you weren’t a fan of gingham. Well, Diana did it way back and boy, did she make it work!

Statement sleeves and high-waisted pants


2019 saw the resurgence of statement sleeves and it’s all we’ve seen on fashion blogs lately. Interestingly, if look at a picture of the people’s princess rocking a statement-sleeve top with high-waisted pants, you would think it’s right out of a recent photo-op!

French beret


While Emily in Paris made Parisian glamour less chic for some, the Princess of Wales showed us how to rock a beret ‘without looking like a French painter’, as told by Elle.


pink and red

This trend has been around for quite some time, and while many tend to get it wrong, Princess Diana once stepped out in a pink and red button down dress, making for a bold statement.



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