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Six ways to fall asleep

1. Turn on as few lights as possible.

You keep the lights on when you are struggling with sleep and that keeps all of your senses awake. If you want to sleep fast then make the least exposure with the light as it is stimulating and our body and brain interpret  it and start working. Its better to find your way in dark rather than turning light on.

2. Read to make your eyes tired

The best way to sleep early is reading, this makes your eyes tired. You are struggling with sleep you should try reading something in a lamp light but it has to be boring, avoid reading an exciting thriller as it will stimulate you.

3. Use your brain

Make your imagination strong so that your mind works and get tired. Don’t forego sleeping by using any electronic device phone or tablet as it would emit light that will keep you awake. Try brainy exercise imagine about driving a car step by step.

4. Stay on your back

Lying down on your back or in any position helps to go sleep early since fumbling around makes mind and eyes awake.

5. Don’t eat anything

Midnight munching removes your chance to go back to sleep, eating late night wakes your brain up and makes you asleep. The best way to sleep is helping your will power to resist the hunger cramp.

6. Try progressive relaxation

Relaxing your body relaxes the mind, holding on tensions and stress make the mind alert it is important that you relax tension free while sleeping.  Taking long breath can make your mind relax and this is the most important technique according to physicians.



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