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WATCH: Six women start fighting and even the pets join them

The video was shot by onlookers sitting in a car, which shows four of the women on their front porch as one of them punched another in the head several times.

One of the women yells at the other woman to stop and says: ‘You are going to jail.’

The woman retorts: ‘She hit me first,’ as she walked down the steps and onto the front lawn. Then the woman appears to have been jumped by three others.

As the woman who was being hit in the head walked over to her home, a fifth woman ran out the house and grabbed another woman by her hair as she screamed: ‘Who jumped her?’

Four of the women started fighting on the lawn when a dog ran over and started jumping in between the women.

A second smaller dog ran down the doorsteps and was circling the women as they continued to fight.

The sixth woman ran up to the fight and tried to grab the animals. As the fight stops, one of the dogs ran on the porch and started fighting a third dog that had come out of the home.

The women break up the two dogs fighting and all of them went their separate ways.



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