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Six-year-old boy gets his reward for saving chicken’s life

SAIRANG, Mizoram: Derek C Lalchhanhima, 6, who attempted to save a chicken’s life after accidentally ran over it, has been honoured by his school over his act of kindness.

A photo of a little teary-eyed boy that features him holding an injured chicken in one hand and the money in other went viral on the internet with over 11 million likes, over 89,000 shares and tons of comments.

This time, the boy appears with a smile with the appreciation certificate he received in recognition of his kind gesture.

little boy who tries to save chicken life

The boy reportedly belongs to Sairang, a census town of India’s Aizawl district in the Mizoram state, was awarded a ‘Word of Appreciation’ certificate by his school.

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According to a Facebook user ‘Sanga Says’, Lalchhanhima ‘honoured by his school and he is draped in a shawl which is a traditional way of honouring someone among Mizos.’

He detailed, ” In Mizo tradition different types of shawls are usually presented to esteemed guests and in olden days, to pasalțha (braves or warriors) who have accomplished great feats.”

“The shawl that is draped on him looks like a modified version of the “Tawlhloh Puan”, an honour given to those who have exemplified extraordinary courage.”

A report published by Hindustan Times quoted the user that the boy first returned home and begged his parents to take the chicken to the hospital. However, his father asked him to go himself. Derek eventually returned home upset because no one helped him. He even tried to go back, this time with Rs 100.

“His parents finally had to explain to him that the chick is dead and that there’s nothing they can do at the hospital,” she said, adding that Derek’s father was surprised at his son’s reaction. “He’s always been a rather unique kid,” he told her.

Gestures of the boy attracted millions who found it as extremely innocent, cute and heart melting at once.



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