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Police release sketch of DSP Zulfiqar Zaidi’s murderers

According to details, police registered the case of Zulfiqar Zaidi’s murder against four unknown assailants in Shah Faisal Colony Police Station with the slain DSP’s brother as plainitiff.

Initial investigation revealed that three to four pistols were used in DSP Zaidi’s murder while four of the empty bullets shells resmble those used in the murder of another DSP Fateh Sangri.

The resemblance is giving rise to the suspicion that same pistol was used in both the murders.

Furhermore, police have released sketches of three of the murderers of DSP Zaidi after interviewing eye witnesses.The witnesses claim that the assailants came on two motorcycles.

DSP Zulfiqar Zaidi was gunned down along with his guard at Shah Faisal Colony area of Karachi on Saturday. Slain DSP was High Court’s Security Incharge.

DSP Abdul Fateh Muhammad was gunned down last week by unidentified gunmen at Gulshan Hadeed area.



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