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Slain Taliban chief also had local resident certificate

According to media reports, officials investigating the killing of Mullah Mansour in a United States drone strike now claim to have found a local resident certificate showing Wali Mohammad (Mullah Mansour) a resident of Qila Abdullah district of Balochistan and belonging to Kakar tribe.

The certificate was said to be the first Pakistani nationality document issued to the Taliban chief in 1999, signed by the then Deputy Commissioner of Qila Abdullah District, Hafiz Mohammad Tahir.

An investigation has been initiated into the issuance of the certificate, said media reports.

The slain Taliban Chief Mullah Mansour was targeted on May 21 by a US drone while going to Quetta from Taftan in a car.

As a result of the strike, the car was completely destroyed, killing Mullah Mansour and his driver on the spot. The car was registered in the name of Ahmedullah Khan, a resident of the Gizri area of Karachi.

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