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WATCH: Sloth enjoys city bus ride

In a surprising incident, a sloth hitched a bus ride after being rescued by an animal-loving driver in Brazil.

According to the details, the sloth was spotted close to traffic on the motorway in the north-eastern city of Recife by a bus driver Ronaldo Santana and his conductor Marcio Albuquerque. They decided to rescue the slow-paced animal.


The driver told local media,” I pulled the bus over at the stop and I saw something moving. We then realised it was a sloth walking towards the cars.”

They thought that the slow tree-dweller would be hit by one of the speeding cars in the city if it is not recued. The duo decided to save the live life of the sloth, Mail Online reported.

The bus conductor, Marcio Albuquerque, told local media that he did not hesitate to grab the long-clawed animal in order to rescue it.

“I love animals, I always carry food, water and some remedies for wounds to give to street animals,” he said, adding, “When I saw the sloth, I even thought about trying to return it to the nearby woods, but I got scared that someone would snatch it and I thought it better to take it to the police.’

With the sloth on board, it climbed up onto the handrails – causing a flurry of activity by passengers who wanted to get a better look of the animal.

‘The passengers found it curious, everyone was taking photos,’ Albuquerque said.

He said, “I’m thrilled. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to save the animal.”

People were neglect the environment these days that results in deforestation and natural habitats getting ruined for the animals to live in, he added.



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