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Smoking, arms possession, anti-social activities banned under new KU rule for students

KARACHI: The University of Karachi has issued a code of conduct for students, stipulating certain restrictions on pupils for peaceful academic environment.

The notification issued by Adviser of Karachi University Dr Ghazal Khawaja says there should be no activity against national security and integrity, and no interference in the KU’s administrative activities.

“Anti-social activities in the KU and use of threats and violence have been prohibited”.

The notification also states that social media activities of students must be in accordance with ethical norms and must not provoke regional and sectarian divide; students must refrain from abusing.

Smoking, and use and sale of gutka, pan, and chhalia (betel nut) have also been strictly prohibited and will be dealt with according to the law.

There would be no unauthorised use of the varsity’s property, including transport facilities.

Students have been told to respect all teaching and non-teaching staff, and cooperate with security staff to ensure discipline. Graffiti and poster pasting are also prohibited. Carrying and use of arms or ammunition or explosive material is strictly prohibited.

Any sort of programme in the varsity will need a written permission five-day prior to the event from the relevant chairman and department. All co-curricular activities must be taken place with the guidance of the departmental student advisers.

Students were also directed not to enter the residential area of the campus.

The notification says any student found violating the code will be dealt accordingly.




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