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Snake hunters catch ‘longest ever Burmese python’

It was a routine day for two snake catchers before they got hold of a Burmese python, which is now termed the longest ever snake of this kind caught in Florida and shot to fame on social media.

Snake hunters Ryan Ausburn and Kevin Pavlidis never imaged that they would come across such a big hunt when they were looking for snakes in Florida.

Narrating the entire episode on his Facebook page, Kevin Pavlidis said that on Friday night they pulled the BEAST of a snake out of waist-deep water in the middle of the night, deep in the Everglades.

“I have never seen a snake anywhere near this size and my hands were shaking as I approached her. Every python we catch can be potentially dangerous, but one this size? Lethal. One mistake, and I am for sure going to the hospital.”

He, however, said that more importantly, this is a once in a lifetime reptile and he could go out every single night for the rest of his life and never see one this big again.

While terming the catch as a battle, he said that both of them were professionals and got the python under control very quickly. “Really I am just incredibly grateful for this opportunity and an experience I will never forget.”

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife posted on their Facebook page as well, lauding the men for their efforts who are a part of the state-run Python Elimination Programme.

The catch of the Burmese python has stunned the netizens who are praising the efforts of both the snake hunters, however, there are still some people, who assert that snakes are not exactly the kind of animal many people fancy.



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