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Zaid Hamid confirms release from Saudi prison & says he is back in Pakistan

Mr Hamid, who had been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia (and given a sentence for lashes as well) for reportedly criticizing the Kingdom over it’s stance on Yemen, tweeted on Saturday afternoon that he was back in Pakistan, that he was “in good health”, and resting. He also said “NOT” be taking any calls for the time being.

It was also revealed that Hamid had been sentenced to 8 years in prison and sentenced to lashes as well.

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An announcement to similar effect was also posted on his Facebook page.


Zaid Hamid
An announcement on Zaid Hamid’s official Facebook page confirming his release and return to Pakistan

  A Pakistani tweeted a picture of himself with the fiery analyst, and stated that Zaid had indeed be en released from Saudi Arabia. He also stated that Hamid was in good health and spirits.




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