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Soldier exposes ‘food corruption’ within Indian army in viral video

At a time when Indian army and the government is singing praises of their army and sabotaging all peace efforts by Pakistan, an Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldier’s video exposing the ‘high standard’ of the food given to soldiers in the neighbouring country went viral on social media.

The BSF soldier Tej Bahadur maintained that rampant corruption in Indian army has led the BSF soldiers to a position where they are forced to eat badly cooked food or stay hungry all day in chilling weather on the border.

The soldier maintained that funds and ration provided by Indian government goes in the pockets of the high and the mighty, leaving little for the soldiers.

Towards the end, Bahadur also showed the food Indian BSF is providing its soldiers, leaving little room for anyone to suspect his allegations or purpose.

Bahadur expressed fear that he might not be able to connect with anyone after this video as corrupt officers are influential and can harm him in unthinkable ways.





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