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WATCH: Some crazy moments of the sport called cricket

However, the sport may have its moments when the players and fans are involved in other things except for playing cricket. Whether it be field invasion, venting out frustration or fans being hit by the ball, the sport has had its moments which made us go ‘Whoa!’.

We take a look at some surprising moments in cricket.

1. Crowd brings ODI to a halt

The fifth one-day in the 1999 series between Australia and West Indies ended in a tie after crowd invaded the field and the match was stopped abruptly.

2. Girl expresses feelings for Zaheer Khan

A fan proposed Indian pacer Zaheer Khan during the test match against Pakistan in 2004. He smiled and was seemingly enjoying the moment.

3. Shane Warne’s fan vents out his frustration

Shane Warne’s boy fan was disappointed after his hero missed out on his century by a single run. He apparently decided to vent out his frustrations on the hat he was wearing.

4. Take a seat, please

A woman spectator fell down as she was taking her seat in the stands during the 2013 Ashes series . The woman along with both English and Australian players found humor in the situation.

5. Sehwag gets ‘comfortable’ completing the run

Virender Sehwag became all too comfortable before even completing his run and displayed how perfectly he played the shot before being run out by the Sri Lankan team.

6. Oppa Gangnam Style

The “Gangnam Style” dance by West Indies team became a trend in 2014 World Twenty20 especially the one Chris Gayle did following the win over Australia.

7. Match halted due to “dog interference”

The first match of Indian Premier League being played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings was temporarily stopped after a dog invaded the field. He finally left the field after several minutes of struggle by the ground staff and players themselves.



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